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An octogenarian’s reason for smashing the senses out of his son’s head via an award-winning cheek-slap strained credulity.

“Why should you waste away your future and entire into perpetual destruction,” screamed the father at his tween-ager son. Apparently, the father has caught up with the son watching goodies in the secluded abode of his bedroom. The father, also a minister of the gospel, could not fathom out why a gentlemen created in his own image would engage in such a silly conduct.

But to the layman who may be wondering about what goodies really are or mean, it is only a more ‘technological’ way of referring to sexual imageries, including the still and motion nude pictures of people, especially women (or better still girls.)

Today, there appears be several ways in accessing real pornographic materials. Unlike the pastor’s beloved son who preferred to stay indoors to visualize the nudity of other women, contrary to what has probably been abhorred by the father’s religious dogma, others prefer the no- subscription way to fascinate their eyes with the beauty of God’s hidden artistic potential. A friend of mine, for instance, only has to sojourn the Kwame Nkruma Circle in Accra to satisfy his terrorizing urge, and even the libido.

In the classroom where, like me, most people have had no other option than to sit behind female colleagues in order to partake in lectures to actually acquire knowledge, the results have brazenly been devastating. The shameful outcomes have been the bombardment of all the classes and types;  the fat and big, the  thin and slim,  the  beautiful  and  the  ugly,  and indeed accentuated  with all the romantic names you  could think of  in terms  of lingerie; the G-string, thong, and not forgetting  the indisputable champion of all generations, the around the globe.  And  when it happens like  this , it only takes divine intervention to forestall or guard against lapses in concentration.

This development of reckless exposure of the breasts, and other parts of the genetalia in the name of vogue and modernity is not only an indictment on womanhood, but also a shame to all that practice it. Let all, especially women, whose mode of dressing make a hoax of our culture and upbringing as Ghanaians (and not Westerners) bow in shame.
Going nude in the name of fashion, modernity and technology cannot mean anything than insanity. Stop it!


July 11, 2008 - Posted by | Features

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