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Africa still faced with slavery

By James Harry Obeng



Mr Ebenezer Atua Odoi, a novelist, says Africa is currently faced with a new devastating form of enslavement that is manifest in the “contamination of our culture, the adulteration of our traditions and the corruption of our music.”


This development, he notes, do not only present Africans with a more serious warfare thrust upon them, but is subtly and covertly destroying the “African identity” that makes them unique.


“This is the new battle we have on our hands, and it requires a clear awareness of its very nature, the forces that are behind it, intensive education and concerted effort” at confronting it, he quipped, urging people of the black race to prioritize the need to reverse the status quo by not “underestimating its potency, its ability to destroy totally from within until it corrupts the entire being rendering it completely at the mercy of others.”


Mr Odoi was speaking at the launch of a new book, “The Great Search”, and the out -dooring of Eb-O Publishing House, at the New Conference Room, Teachers’ Hall, in Accra on Saturday.


The new book, 208 in pages, extols in a fictional sleight-of-hand, the tenacity and heroism of forebears of the country who, in spite of the ignominy of the inhuman treatments meted to them, stood fearlessly tall against all the overwhelming odds in their quest for freedom from slavery.


In a précis to the book, authored by Eben Odoi, a special assistant to the overseer defiles the chief characters, Aba Anana and Akosua Tapio, both slave girls at the Elmina Castle. Akosua assists Aba to escape while she is shipped to the New World. Their descendants never give up the fight for freedom until they are reunited.


Mr Odoi expressed disappointment at the spate at which people look down on the age-long saying “show me a man without a culture, and I will show you a man without a future”, and thereby called Africans, especially the Ghanaian youth, to guard against materialism in resisting the new form of enslavement.


For his part, the Head of Research and Statistics at the Ministry of Tourism and Diasporean Relations, Mr Emmanuel Victor Hagan, added that “there is still the danger that the slave trade can happen again,” considering the manner the youth of today have become obsessed with materialism.


He said it was as result of this that the ministry periodically organizes events like PANAFEST and Emancipation Day to highlight, whilst bringing together brothers from the diaspora, the evils of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, adding the “Joseph Project was also fashioned out to improve on the relationships and ties with our brothers in the diaspora”.


He however lauded the efforts of the author in putting together documentation on the slave trade and pledged the ministry’s preparedness to market the book abroad.

The first, second and third copies of the book were sold for GH 500, GH 400 and GH 300, respectively.









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