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Parents neglecting Children – Kutsoati

By James Harry Obeng


OF all the cases that come to our offices on daily basis, the issue of non maintenance of children continues to account for the greatest percentage, Mrs Margaret Kutsoati, the Director of the Department of Social Welfare (DSW), has stated.


“Non maintenance of children is the neglect of children due to irresponsible parenting or the refusal of some parents to take care of their children,” ,” Mrs Kutsoati explained, adding that the development accounts for 85 per cent of the work handled by the DSW.


 She recounted that the social fallouts which emanate from such developments were the numerous incidence of streetism, teenage pregnancy, single parenthood, adolescent maternal mortality and morbidity, sexually transmitted infections and the high incidence of school dropouts engulfing the country, indicating further that men or fathers are the often culprits of such acts.


Mrs Kutsoati was speaking on behalf of the Minister of Manpower, Youth and Employment, Nana Amo Akomeah, at launch of a new book, titled “22 ways to say no to sex before marriage,” at the New Conference Room of the Teachers’ Hall Complex in Accra on Sunday. The event, which drew a larger gathering of Nigerians domiciling in the country also marked the 10th year wedding anniversary of the author, Pastor Victor Olukoju, and his wife, Franca.


Mrs Kutsoati also touched on advertisements in the media, particularly on television, which she said glorifies the use of condoms as a prerequisite to safe sex, thereby leading to an increase in the rate the youth were now engaging in premarital sex.


She advised parents and the family to take up leading roles in training up their children in the ways of God “so that they will not depart from the ways when they grow up.


“Let’s also reconfigure the thinking of our children towards the good side of the media rather than them using it, most importantly the internet, in watching pornography and uneducative programs to make them useful leaders in the future.”


She however lauded the efforts of pastor Olukoju for making sexual purity of the youth his priority in writing books that teach sexual abstinence before marriage.


For his part, Victor Olukoju, noted that the new book was a sequel to his previous publication, named “33 reasons you must say no to se before marriage”.


He said in the face of acute sexual quandary that is ravaging the continent of Africa, he decided to pioneer a battle against sexual immorality in the society.


Having written five different books on the subject of sexual purity, Pastor Okukoju said his vision was to tell the youths that sex should be reserved for marriage, describing the new book as a practical manual to help young people delay sex till marriage.


The first copy of the book was purchased at GH¢500.


Victor Olukoju is the author of such other books on sexual purity as “33 Reasons You Must say not to sex before marriage”,  “Sex and the 21st century youth”, “A to Z of sexual purity”,  “Sex: The sweetness and sourness”, “Why are you not married?”, and “The word of God on sex and the youth”.





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