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Prof. Boadi, Alimatu honoured

By James Harry Obeng


IN the few hours that was to come, the curiosity of the audiences that filled the auditorium of the National Theatre were awaiting to be satisfied, because they had been promised a newer dimension to the National Basic Education Awards (NBEA).  And this was only to come with the recognition of two physically challenged persons who have contributed immensely towards national development.


“The concerns of physically challenged persons are not only limited to the public’s low esteem of their status in society, but also the lack of recognition of their capabilities to contribute meaningfully to national developmental effects.  This group of physically challenged persons, have always asked those who are quick to generalise that disabled persons are a burden on society and that they should not look at disability as a demeaning phenomenon but the ability of such people to perform just as able bodied persons:


“Distinguish ladies and gentlemen, it is in the regard, that we deem it fit to recognize two individuals, who in spite of their physical challenges have braved the odds to become successful professionals through sheer resilience.


“This award in particular is to motivate and inspire all physically challenged students in basic schools to work hard and not to give up in their career pursuit”, read Mrs. Henrietta Adjoa Asamoah, the vice – chairman of the Ayekoo Governing Board, to duly open the 2nd NBEA in Accra last Saturday.


With the foregoing came the names of two physically challenged persons who have indeed braved the odds for their impact to be felt in society.  And then came the first recipient who was helped to mount the dais by her family, because she is visually impaired.


And so rolled the citation accompanying the award of Ms. Alimatu Abdul Karim, the Programmes Manager of Ghana School for the Blind.


“Your world has come to the crossroads to be recognized.  From childhood, you could not see the colour of the world.  You could not do things girls at your age did….. But you broke insurmountable barriers and completed Akropong School for the Blind. 


You proceeded to read educational psychology, for your bachelors’ degree and went on to read Guidance and Counseling for your Master of Philosophy degrees at the Cape Coast University.  It has been a long journey for you, a journey of hope, a journey that has shown the world the power of a-can-do-attitude.  You are a role model for all of us, visually impaired or not.  Children or adults.  We say Ayekoo to you for your remarkable resilience”.


This was met with thunderous applauds from all dignitaries, schools-teachers and students – after which she was decorated and presented with her award, the plaque.


The Executive Director of Center for Democratic Development (CDD) – Ghana, Prof Kofi Gyimah-Boadu, was the next recipient to be honoured.  His citation read:  “Your world has come to the crossroads to be recognized.  You could not play soccer.  You could not go hunting for birds, things that boys of your age do….. You were born and bred in a village and had your primary education at Abirim Anglican Primary and New Abirim Local Authority Middle School. 


You broke insurmountable barriers and proceeded to the tertiary level.  You went ahead to obtain your Masters and Doctorate degrees at the University of California in the U. S. A!  It has been a journey for you, a journey of hope, a journey that has shown the power of a-can-do-attitude.  Indeed you are a role model to all of us, physically challenged or not, children or adults.  We say Ayekoo to your for your remarkable resilience”.


With his clutches, and amidst euphoria, Prof. Boadi also walked to receive his award.  The two were awarded at the 2nd NBEA held at the National Theater, last Saturday for, among others,  serving as role models to children with special needs in Ghana.    






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