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Madam Fati’s story!

By James Harry Obeng


THE Chief’s palace – a symbol of refuge and solace – was at the centre stage of sanctioning the human rights infraction as she suffered the unfathomable nightmare in her entire life.


At the palace, she was chained, beaten and forced to confess to practicing witchcraft in undoing his stepson, but which she claimed innocence of.   Her action was only to infuriate her accusers and “punishers” the more.


Today, she is traumatized she cannot continue to live at her land of birth, albeit appropriate rituals have confirmed her innocence.


This is the story of 50-year old Madam Fati Adam, from the Gburinani community in the Tolon Kumbungu district of the Northern region, who was accused of bewitching her stepson, and eventually causing his death.


As per the details narrated to ‘The spectator’ by the Co-ordinator of FIDA- Ghana Tamale office, Ms Saratu Mahama, the victim was summoned to the chief’s palace by one Alidu, a brother of the regent of Gburinani, to respond to allegations of witchcraft leveled  against her by some members in the community.


Ms. Saratu said upon her arrival at the palace and in the absence of the regent, the victim was chained at the orders of Alidu.


The victim was then subjected to severe beating by hirelings of  Alidu that nearly left her unconscious, all in an attempt to force her admit to the allegations that she was the witch behind the death of her stepson who had two wives and children.


After her persistent refusal to cajole to the actions of Alidu, the victim was then taking to a soothsayer who, after several sessions of rituals, exonerated the victim of all the witchcraft “charges”.


This prompted the children of the victim who reported the ordeal to the Tamale office of FIDA, on January 29, this years subsequent legal advice.


“Because of its criminal nature, we also referred it to the Tamale Regional Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police Service”, Ms. Saratu quipped, adding that the FIDA office in Accra has also petitioned the Inspector General of Police (IGP) in connection with the case.  


As a result of the ordeal, especially the damages done to her image, the victim could no longer reside at Gburinani but has rather relocated to live with her brothers at Kpalgun.


Alidu, who is now on the police wanted list, has also escaped first arrest in the hands of the Tamale Police.


September 19, 2008 - Posted by | News

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