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Sex workers declare lifetime wishes!

By James Harry Obeng


IN an attempt to earn decent lives, and forgo the stigma that characterizes their current means of earning a living, group of female sex workers at Agbogloshie and Madina in Accra, have now declared their resolve to quit prostitution for good.


But this, according to them, will only come to pass with the materialization of their long-held aspirations; first, to settle down with men of their dreams and secondly, to land honorable vocations to cater for themselves.


As a first step to achieving their aspirations, the sex workers aged between 12 and 26 said they were in serious search for husbands who are caring and considerate to marry for the rest of their lives, as they have also make passionate appeal to donor organizations and philanthropist to respond to their call for befitting vocations.


These were made known to The Spectator during separate interviews with the sex workers at Madina and Agbogloshie in Accra.


The sex workers forms part of over 420 commercial sex workers who are currently receiving medical and counseling at the Drop-In Centre facility by the Ghana Red Cross Society (GRCS).


The facility attends to the category of sex workers called ‘roamers’ or those who move from place to place in the city.


A characteristic with these girls who refer to themselves as “sisters” is that they keep and render sexual services free of charge to some men for protection called “non-paying partners,”


These are the regular partners (or better still boyfriends) of them who also double as pimps. The sex workers cohabit with them as known of couples as the latter tend to offer the former with necessary supports; security-wise and sexual gratification.


Surprisingly these girls do not intend to marry them since they consider them as violent men whose future cannot be guaranteed. The girls claim they could attend to at least ten men daily with most of their clients being well-known personalities in society.


They confessed that some of their colleagues worked as ‘kayaye’ (female porters) during the day and attend to men at night. They said aside the scores of young men that come their way, most married men also called on them and were prepared to pay handsomely.


They named some of their regular sites as Soldier Bar and Railway line at Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Agbogloshie, Madina, Lapaz and other places, indicating further that they charged clients rates ranging between GH¢3 and GH¢10 for sexual services.


“But at times the socio-economic status of clients which we often read from the way they dress and approach us determine the price,” they stated, adding that “a full night service could cost a person ¢50 and upwards”.


They intimated that in the apparent attempt to avoid the attention of on-lookers and passer-bys, “some men readily accept whatever price you charge for a service, and these are the clients who often appear honourable, gentle and loaded with money”.


The sex workers told The Spectator that some of their clients include security men and at times local preachers who come to distribute scripture materials but end and sampling the ‘short services’ at the end of it all.


“At times, they come to preach to us only to wrap-up their sermon with some of us in bed, but they also pay good money,” they said.


Responding to a query about whether they would readily inform their husbands about their sordid past in prostitution, one of them who gave her name as Abena indicated in the affirmative, saying that is the only way to safeguard the marriage since gossip abound plenty in Ghana.


“Informing your husband about the fact that you were once a prostitute will save you the embarrassment that often comes to you when people you used to be in prostitution with get to see you luckily in the company of someone you call your husband after all these years in this business”.


She went further “and even trying to hide such a thing may only go to spell the doom of your marriage because your husband will eventually get to know about it, at least if not from anywhere, the elasticity of your genitalia could expose you to your husband,” she said, adding there is no shame in admitting your past as some husbands who get to know, tend to be sympathetic and also protective of your from prying eyes.




September 19, 2008 - Posted by | News

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