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Jesus was born in October – says GKS Prez.

By James Harry Obeng


The President of the God’s Kingdom Society (GKS), Bro Emmanuel O. Aighalua, has advised politicians in the country to shun mudslinging their political opponents in their quest to assume various political offices, come December 7.


He said politicians should, whilst dwelling their campaign on tackling issues, see themselves as one people who hold different ideas to be put in place in ensuring the betterment of the country.


Bro. Aighalua gave the admonition when he led a delegation of pastors of the GKS, a church headquartered in Nigeria, to interact with editors of the New Times Corporation (NTC), including Mr Enimil Ashon, acting editor of the Ghanaian Times, and Messrs John Ackom Asante and Merari Alormele, deputy and acting editors, respectively, of the Spectator, last Wednesday.


The delegation is in the country to commemorate the birth anniversary (aka Freedom Day) of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity, on Sunday, October 12, at the Accra Polytechnic campus. The event which is the fourth of its kind to come off in Ghana since 2005, will also afford the opportunity to the general public to ask questions pertaining to the church and its activities, especially its belief that the birth of Jesus Christ occured in the month of October, contrary to December as believed by sections of Christendom.


Bro Aighalua said competing politicians and political parties in this years general elections, slated for December 7, should readily respect the views of voters by accepting the outcome of the elections without stirring violence, citing Jeremiah 17:11 and Proverbs 22:1 to back his advise.


He implored Ghanaians to vote wisely in selecting a God-fearing leader who would ascend leadership to serve his people and consolidate the peace and tranquility that has established the country as a shining example of democracy in Africa.


“Vote wisely for leaders who will not come to fill his or her pockets”, he said, adding that it was important that Ghanaians took a cue from recent political happenings in Zimbabwe and Kenya.


Bro Aighalua also entreated the religious community in the country to back their prayers for successful general elections with conscious education of their followers on the rules and regulations governing the conduct of the polls in order to forestall unsuspecting Ghanaians from being hoodwinked into electoral malpractices.


He was full of gratitude to the New Time Corporation, particularly the Spectator, for consistently devoting pages to covering its message of propagating the word of God, and wished the paper sustained its coverage on religious activities in the country.


For his part, Enimil Ashon, editor of the Ghanaian Times, said newspapers under the NTC offered a marketplace for varying religious indoctrinations to reach its readers, and therefore assured them of the papers continual coverage of religious issues in the country.


Among the delegation were Bro E.M.Oki, chairman of the Ecclesiastical Court of the Lord’s Ministry, Bro B.T. Hart, publicity secretary, Bro O.D. Akinwale, financial secretary, Messrs S.M.O Ayavoro, T.O. Esimogbele, and Bro Adam, ministers in charge of the River State, Lagos State and Accra branches of the church, respectively.


October 10, 2008 - Posted by | News

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