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Efiewura’s mischief supremo

By James Harry Obeng


TO say that the ‘Efiewura’ household is replete with mischievous characters who are always preoccupied with thoughts and acts of outwitting each other will only be a confirmation of the reality.


In fact, right from the commander-in-chief of the household, Agya Afari, to the food-crazy Pastor, Osofo, every character in the popular sitcom has, at one point or the other, exhibited rare traits and wits of humanity that easily categorize as mischief.


But amidst the bandwagon of controversial characters that set the Efiewura compound on fire and, sometimes with unreasonable confusion, stands Issifu Kasimu, a rather diminutive but talented ‘opportunist’ whose strong-willed character never kowtows to material or financial inducements of any sort; not even a King’s ransom is able to cower him into submission.


Aside being the ungrateful ‘house-boy’ who has set Mr. Akoto’s marital home on the rocks with his sexual exploits, Kasimu who plays Tico in Efiewura, nonetheless takes the credit for bringing a flicker of hope of into the child-yearning life of sexy-looking house-wife, Asantewa.


Undoubtedly, observers of events that transpire in the house of affluent Mr. Akoto blames Tico’s sexual machismo for the instability that has bedeviled Mr Akoto’s marriage, which gradually is turning him into a drunkard.


But to Kasimu ‘Tico’, to hastily conclude that his real life attitude is what he exhibits in the popular sitcom will amount to misconstruction, as he tells ‘The Spectator’ that “it is only a reflection of the stuff I am made of as an actor.  I act the role given me with perfection and nothing else.”


Brought from a poor background in a far-away village, Tico first enters the family of Mr. Akoto as a house-boy, but events suddenly change which makes him court the wife of his employer and boss, Mr. Akoto.


Tico now engages Asantewa in surreptitious love affairs which result in pregnancy.  But immature as he is, Tico never takes notice until he is prompted by Esi, a friend of Asantewa, who hardly exhibits features of a bosom friend because of her inborn propensity to gossip.


Realising this, Mr. Akoto’s household is plunged into confusion as Tico goes all out to claim the paternity of the newly-born child.  At this juncture, not even the colossal financial and material inducements heaped on him and his family will make him abandon the paternity claim and relocate to his roots.


SPEC: So, how did you court the wife of your boss?

TICO: You see, when I was brought from the village to the city, my eyes then opened and could therefore read between the lines.


SPEC: What lines are you talking about?

TICO: Madam Asantewa was too desperate for a child of her own, despite Mr. Akoto’s wealth and care.  She will simply not wait for God to cure her husband’s impotence.


SPEC: How could you be ungrateful to such extent?

TICO: I’m never ill-behaved and covetous to reciprocate good gestures with evil.  But that is the role assigned to me and which I try to execute with the professionalism it requires.


SPEC: Really, where did you learn those ropes of courting somebody’s wife in his own compound?

TICO:  It’s a gift from God.  And, this is what brings the difference between Nigerian and Ghanaians films.


SPEC: What is it about Nigerian films?

TICO: You see Nigerians actors act naturally as if they have been confronted with their roles in movies in real life situations.  They cry when the time demands it.


SPEC: And you think this makes their films better than our local ones?

TICO: I’m not saying that, but as an actor you should always act naturally.  Most Ghanaians act artificially without the passion that the profession requires.


Tico says acting a role in movies should distinctly be a reflection of how people behave in everyday happenings.  He however believes that with the new genre of film makers of all backgrounds (from the university –educated to the unlettered) emerging on the local scene, a brighter future awaits the local movies industry.


SPEC: Where do you come from?

TICO: I hail from Dindane, a village near Gambaga in the Northern Region.


SPEC: So, how come you speak Twi like an Ashanti?

TICO:  I was born and raised at Nkasein in the Brong Ahafo region.  But I also speak other languages like Mamprusi, Dagarti, Dagbani, Mossi, Walaa and bits of Hausa.


SPEC: How old are you?

TICO:  I’m not a small boy as others presume me to be.  In fact, I’m an adult (Tico would not wish his age to be disclosed, though he told this reporter).


SPEC: When did you start featuring in ‘Efiewura’?

TICO:  That was in 2004 when I was living with a lady at Spintex who happen to be a close pal of Asantewa, the boss’s wife I impregnated in the film.  So it was actually through Asantewa that my talents were discovered to be of value by our director, Mr. Kofi Andor.


SPEC: How is your relationship with your colleagues in Efiewura?

TICO: We relate very well like a family and draw inspiration from ourselves.


SPEC: Like?

TICO: Oh, I for instance admire Agya Afari a lot.  He is a very good man through whom I at times secure deals to do adverts for products on TV.  But he is never controversial or a womanizer as he is portrayed in Efiewura.


SPEC: Any future plans?

TICO: Yeah, in the future I want to own my production and also become a singer.  I sing very well. 


After unsuccessful attempts to complete his basic education, Tico has since January last year enrolled in an adult education school at Nungua Barrier in Accra.  He is of the belief that with God on his side, determination and hard work, he will climb high the educational ladder and become ‘somebody’ one day. Tico now looks into future with hope, and promises to get married immediately some of his plans materialize to cushion him well to enjoy the full bliss of marriage life.







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