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Nii – Efiewura’s commotion specialist.

By James Harry Obeng.


AMONGST the hodgepodge of pundits of Efiewura, currently the most riveting serial rolled on TV3 and GTV every Wednesday and Sunday, respectively, may be a somewhat ill-informed observation; that Agya Afari, the leviathan of all landlords, is anything and everything variant to peace and fairness – a figure in whose domain orderliness is scarcely guaranteed.


Also, to many viewers, the unyielding landlord embodies the be-all and end-all of the myriad untoward and unfathomable activities that occasionally plunge the household into anarchy and utter disequilibrium, just to catalogue a few.


Albeit not entirely fictitious, however, the foregoing observations do not also drift much away from counting easily as conjured and ridiculous.  Realistically, there are far lethal (if not worst) operatives cloaked in “sheep’s wool” whose operations, both open and underhand, indubitably contribute substantial stimulus to the bedlam that periodically swallows up the Efiewura compound.


One of such characters is James Augustus Quist (aka Jimmy Quist), a tactful commotion strategist, yet a character many admire to watch because of his intrinsic predisposition to enthrall viewers with his captivating pirouette dancing steps.


A husband of a chauvinistic and flirtatious wife by name Adoma, Jimmy (who plays the role as Nii in the cast) also, with gusto, takes terrorism to fever-pitch, especially when he goes man-hunting the myriad concubines of his wife, atop the list remain Osofo Joojo and Akrobeto.


The consequences of such exercises become extremely fatal when Nii combine forces with his nephew, Bukom Banku, a cut-throat bully with a protruding boxing prowess and exuberance, whose favourite delicacy, banku with kpakpo shito, remains all it requires to endow him with the strength to embark on such brutalities.


Sometimes, Nii’s penchant to visit mayhem and venom upon the concubines of his wife would leave viewers much to desire, a situation that oftentimes create doubt over his braveness to confront his wife Adoma in finding an effective prophylactic to her (the wife’s) flirtatious exploits.


But just as one may hasten to suggest to him to stamp his authority as the husband over the wife via the  African fashion, Nii declares unequivocally to Spectator that “Efiewura is not only meant to entertain viewers, but more importantly to educate them on contemporary developments that will positively move our society forward.


Now I can’t beat my wife Adoma because of the Domestic Violence Act that protects her, and in very large extent women, despite all her flirtatious character.”


Nii admits though he is often seen in Efiewura to occasionally vent his anger on the men who deals amorously with her wife Adoma, the import of his seemingly lukewarm approach in dealing with her is much derivative of the educational aspect of the film plot that advises married men to stay clear of the masculine susceptibility to resort to violence in the house.


SPEC: Why haven’t you parted with your wife?

Nii: What do you mean by this!


SPEC: I’m talking about divorcing her?

Nii: For whatever reason, I still love my wife. You don’t know what she does to me in my bedsit.


SPEC: Efiewura is replete with numerous characters. Who is your favourite?

Nii:  Everybody in Efiewura acts his/her part very well.  And I do also try my best to socialize and fraternise with every one of them.  But I will say Joojo Robertson (Osofo) is one of the livewires of Efiewura.  And we’ve missed him a lot.


SPEC: (cuts in) Where is he now?

Nii:  Somewhere in the States (USA).  (continuing)… I’ve known Joojo, Eunice Banini (Adoma) and Koo Fori before appearing on Efiewura and I think that partly accounts for the reason we jell whenever we appear on set.  Agya Afari (Katawere) is a gem and a true legend who gives me a lot of inspiration.


SPEC: Any future ambitions?

Nii:  Why not!


SPEC:  Share with me?

Nii:  I wish to become a Member of Parliament (MP) one day.


SPEC: (Cuts in):  Why, are you a political?

Nii: Oh, not that partisan, but I point out the pluses and minuses as and when I see them.


SPEC:  you still haven’t answered me. Why do you want to be an MP?

Nii:  I think it will be an opportunity for me to help formulate policies to propel the entertainment industry for the better.  One of us, Capt (rtd) Nkrabeah Effah Dartey, was there and will be leaving by the end of the year.  We need people of his calibre to continue from where is leaving.


SPEC:  So how do you see the future of the entertainment industry?

Nii:  Oh, it quite promising and bright.  Right now, we are seeing a lot of performing colleges springing up in the country.  I can mention those of Juliet Asante (of Eagles Production) and Kojo Dadson as steps in the right direction that will help in strengthening the industry.


Nii hails from Osu in the Greater Accra region. Trained at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), Jimmy attended the Pennywise International School (South La Estate), the Rev John Teye Memorial School, the Datus Educational Complex (Tema) and Osu Presby Preparatory School before proceeding to the Osu Presbyterian Secondary School (PRESEC), for his secondary education.


He is currently studying for a Bachelors Degree (BA) in Information Studies at the University of Ghana, Legon.


Jimmy Quist is now the Studio Manager of Citi FM in Accra, a position he has held since the establishment of the outfit four years ago. Jimmy first worked at Joy FM, also in Accra, as a front desk executive in 1996 and rose through the ranks to the station’s Programmes Department as an Assistant Librarian.


He then joined Adom FM in the year 2000. But with the versatility and professionalism with which he does his duties, Jimmy was recalled into the fold of Joy FM to boost the new production team headed by Adjoa Aidoo when Komla Dumor left for the BBC.


At Joy FM, Jimmy additionally hosted a night show, dubbed “Jimmy’s Jam” where he treated listeners to soothing music, predominantly hip-life music.




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