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As four settle for Mentor IV finale…..

By James Harry Obeng


Audiences who swamped TV3’s Studio B to watch the penultimate battle of Mentor IV Reality Show really had a mouthful to chew with the expectations of some completely dashed.


Aside relishing good old tradionally-brewed Highlife songs originally done by legends like Nana Kwame Ampadu, Awurama Badu, Dr Paa Bobo, Obuoba J.A Adofo, Rex Omar and the Wulome Group of the Ga State, some of the audiences never anticipated how some of the contestants could make amends with impressive last-minute turnarounds to forgo eviction, last Saturday.


And when the time for the eviction finally came after each contestant had performed for the night, the chances of some of the contestants to either remain or exit the show were already no more secrets. Mike and Sam were, before the night, tipped by many, including the judges, to stay. They were however no surprising survivors when they were announced by the presenters, KOD and Dentah, to go bask-stage to the Mentor House.


This decision, particularly informed by their lead in votes and impressive performances for the night, would not raise the minutest of eyebrows since keen objective followers of show since its inception have penciled already their names for the finals.


Left with the fate of the remaining on-stage four contestants to be decided, Chris would take a gracious bow as the first evictee for the night due to non-performance and slack in votes.


But emotions and expectations flared tempo-high when the final evictee was to be decided from among Brong Ahafo’s Julie and Greater Accra’s Naa. Already, Angel has shortly followed Mike and Sam backstage to the Mentor House, and thus booked the third ticket for the finale to come off at the National Theatre tomorrow.


With all the uncertainties settled, Julie would make it to the finals ahead of Naa for some genuine reasons, according to the judges. First, her performance of Awurama Badu’s Meni Obiara tese wo earned 5-4-4 in stars ratings, forcing the legendary High-lifer Teacher Boateng (of Nana Kwame Ampadu’s African Brothers Band fame) who was the guest judge for the night to remark “there is no identifiable difference between your rendition and the original Awurama Badu”.


Second, she has got a talent that the ‘technical eyes’ of judges Mark and Dominic cannot get swayed off. Now, an emotionally overjoyed Julie could not help herself from the development than to let tears of joy stream down her eyes whilst hugging on tightly to Naa with whom she was sharing the dais with.


Meanwhile, tomorrow is the final showdown that closes down the chapter on the fourth edition of the Mentor Reality Show. “Who rules the mic” is the question for the bidding. Your guess may just be apt as that of the millions other observers of the show, but surprises are there too for the taking, at least with the qualification of Julie for the finale at National Theatre tomorrow.


Stay tuned as two ladies individually battle for the ultimate with two gentlemen.


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