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Becca: Valentine is not all about sex

By James Harry Obeng


For songbird Rebecca Akosua Acheampong, known in showbiz circles as Becca, the Ghana Music Awards (GMA) Record of the Year winner for 2007, fancying a date outing with her on such occasions like the Valentines Day is as a normal experience as any lovesick women would readily fall for a responsible, nice-looking gentleman upon a first-time encounter.


To the young ever-green music sensation who does not only rivet music-lovers with her love songs and distinctive voice, but also wields all the looks and figure that easily catches the attention of most men, chilling out on such occasions like today — Valentines’ Day — is a dream every lovesick person, including herself, may ever wish to have each passing day.


“But the idea that Valentines Days are days purposely set aside for making sex to women ever portrayed by some men as stereotypes of sex images is neither here nor there”, reckons the music prodigy who adds that “to love somebody is not only about sex, but it is about responsibility and caring for each other; so it is utter misconstruction for anybody to see such days as sex days.


“Rather”, explains Becca in an exclusive interview with The Spectator one week away to the official release of her second album Daa Ke Daa that “Valentines’ Days are not day’s meant for lovers to prove or showcase their strengths or otherwise in lovemaking”.


She adds that “they are days originated from Christianity to show love, affection, compassion towards loved ones and family, and most importantly cater for orphans, the needy, the vulnerable and underprivileged in society, especially children and women”.


Becca lamented on the development where on nearing Valentines Days, pharmacy stores and other outlets ran out of stock of condoms, noting that “though protection is better than cure and for that reason using condoms to protect oneself against eventualities is a good sign of how Ghanaians are beginning to understand the need and importance to curb HIV/AIDS and unwanted teenage pregnancies”, it also do not speak well of the country.


She intimates that the country would become a better place to live if compatriots broke the mentality of promiscuity hovering around Valentines Days and instead channel resources and energies into catering for the needy and children on such days.


To that effect, Becca who has been trained as a Child Care Education Worker by the Croydon College in the United Kingdom (UK) announced a Valentine package for children as part of her contribution to changing the promiscuous mentality about Valentines Days.


“Though I may not be present in the country on that day (today), I and my record label (EKB Records) have settled on a special package for the day as part of my Rescue Tour to raise funds for AIDS afflicted children”, she told The Spectator at her Tesano base in Accra on Tuesday.


She however warned Ghanaians, especially the unmarried youth, to abstain from sex in order to avoid the deadly HIV/AIDS disease and unwanted pregnancies.


Responding to questions about her career as a musician, Becca hinted that her new album, titled Daa Ke Daa, would be on the market by next week, and urged her fans to “go out there and get copies for yourselves”.


The album which features Tinny and Joe (of Mentor II fame) is a single-track masterpiece which has been performed in three other remix versions with Highlife, Raggae and Club mix cadences. This, however, makes it four tracks on a CD.


Becca has for the past twelve weekends been touring eighteen (18) states in Nigeria as part of a musical project, and she is also working on a comprehensive video compilation of all her songs, including her first album “and my other exclusive videos” onto a DVD.


The fifth of nine siblings (six brothers and four sisters) of Mr and Mrs Isaac Acheampong, Becca was born in August 1984 at Asokwa, a suburb of Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital, but raised in Accra, Ghana’s capital.


She attended the Morning Star School at Cantonments in Accra for her basic education before proceeding to the Cape Coast–based Wesley Girl High School (WEGEHE) for her second–cycle education, entering in the year 2000. Becca, however, had to cut short her studies at WEGEHE in 2002 to continue at the Croydon College in the UK.


Becca became an instant hit and a force to reckon with on the local music scene when she released her debut You Lied to Me in 2006 which won her the Ghana Music Awards (GMA) Record of the Year 2007 prize. This has been aside her nomination for a host of other awards, including Discovery of the Year (ACRAG Awards, 2007), Best African West (Channel O’Music Awards, 2007), Female Dance 2007 (KORA Awards) as well as Ghana’s Representative to MTV Awards, Nigeria 2007.


Becca is again contending for the Female Artiste award at the KORA Awards event to be staged in April, this year.


As a musician with the character to use her music to champion the cause of women and children, Becca says her greatest treasure in life is “God because without Him, there cannot be life and without life there will be no Becca”.


At her leisure periods, Becca watches musical programs and clips, especially those of her favourite artistes on the local front like Kojo Antwi, Praye, Kwabena Kwabena, and Adina as well as international stars like Tracy Chapman, Destiny’s Child, South Africa’s Huge Masekela and Yvonne



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