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Gifty Osei ……… sings the greatness of God in ‘Aseda’.

By James Harry Obeng.


With the background from where she shot onto the local music scene uncovered, many are the music-lovers in the country and elsewhere who may no longer have to obsess themselves with how songstress Gifty Osei (Mrs) could so swiftly turn the music spotlight onto herself with her debut Aseda.


Currently, not only is Aseda enjoying popular acceptance and recording phenomenal patronage on the sales market, but also making unanticipated waves on local music charts. Its airplay on radio and television stations in the country can only be described as massive.


This feat, according to Gifty, is of nobody’s making but rather of God’s “who has painstakingly guided and led me to consistently polish the talent that He has put in me to spread and preach His word through music.


This is why I sung Mede Aseda bema Onyame to show my appreciation to Him for indeed making all things beautiful in His own appointed time for me”, contends the stunning light-voiced singer in an exclusive interview with The Spectator.


The album, released and duly launched at the Tema United Bethel Pentecostal Ministry in October 2007, is a ten track masterpiece that has songs as Enye mea, Wo nkaakyi, M’ani da woso, Aseda, as well as the title track Oyonko pa Yesu, just to mention only but a smattering of the hit tracks replete with the album.


Hailing from a humble family laden with music talents, Gifty’s says all her exploits in serving God have culminated in sharpening the musical talent put in her for the service of humanity and also manifested in the album.


At the tender age of thirteen, she gallantly led the Junior Soul Talents, the junior choir of the Peace Assemblies of God at Tema Community 1 in the Greater Accra region from the year 1996 until 2000 when she joined the Gospel Light International, also a church at Tema.


There at her new destination too, Gifty Osei again took up the role as the church’s choir leader, a position she held from 2000 till 2007 when she debuted onto the gospel music scene.


Additionally, Gifty also had a stint with A.B Crentsil’s Ahenfo Band where she played the role as the lead gospel vocalist in 2006. “So all these have impacted tremendously on the album in terms of its quality for which reason I will forever give thanks to God for crowning my efforts in His service with a beautiful album like this”, she quipped.


Asked about one development that she would have personally saw to address if ever she was given the ‘power’ to on the local music scene, Gifty took a brief gulp of air  only to exhale with a response that was pregnant with religion and two faced.

First, “I chose to do gospel music because I thought it was of a calling to propagate the word of God than just mere singing. So when I see some of my colleagues dressed so seductively to the extent that parts of their breast will be showing, it becomes disturbing”.


She explains that as gospel musicians “the Bible entrusts us to draw people to God by first serving as worthwhile examples, but not to behave as people who are about to Know Him”, adding that “I do dress fashionably but not to that extreme”.


On the second note, Gifty Osei lamented on the not too business friendly approach some religious denominations and pastors have adopted towards gospel musicians these days, saying “when churches and pastors invite us to perform at their programs, we do expect that they understand our situation too.


I accept the fact that we are all doing God’s work, but which doesn’t mean they (pastors) should not see to our expenses”, she said, adding that “I don’t charge, but a little token for me and the instrumentalists I play with will do”.


Born Gifty Oppong to Evangelist Agnes Annan, a budding actress, and Mr Samuel Oppong, both from Senya Breku in the Central region, Gifty debuted on the local music scene two years ago with the bang Aseda.


Already, nominated for awards in three categories in the ensuing Ghana Music Awards (GMA) this year, Gifty believes with the help of God, she will sweep the Popular Song of the Year and New Artiste of the Year awards.


She is married to Prophet Elisha Osei, the General Overseer of the Blessed Generation Ministry at Tema, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Blessed Productions, Gifty’s record label.  They are blessed with a child Princess Femi Osei who is a year old today. Gifty picks her husband as her role model, and Emy Newman as her favourite gospel artiste.


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