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By James Harry Obeng                                                                             


Whoever, even for once, joined the hypothetical chorus that the local Ghanaian movie industry was ‘dead’ or has been upstaged by the neighboring Nigerian Nollywood should head straight to the National Theatre in Accra at exactly 8 o’clock in the evening for confirmation or otherwise.


After its screening in the United States (US), Britain and Holland, the National Theatre will today host the first country premiere of the film My Sister’s Honour.


The premiere which will see the attendance of dignitaries as H.E John Dramani Mahama, the Vice President of the republic, and other state protocol promises to re-invent the vital link that kept local movie industry aglow in previous years.


Produced by Hammond Mensah (HM) Films Production and directed by Victor Emeghare, My Sister’s Honour represents a revolutionary turnaround to the humdrum where the end of a movie can be seen from the start.


Roll-calling actors and actresses like Jackie Appiah, Vincent McCauley Jnr, George Williams, Edward Marbel, Vivienne Achor, Gavivina Tamakloe, Kalsoume Sinare,

Grace Nortey, and Victoria Azuga, the movie provokes mind-tickling questions about the paradoxes in life and love, showing how lethal the consequences of broken promises, betrayals and sabotage could be.


Some of these questions include “What will make you gamble your love and happiness for the departed?”, “Who should be held responsible when you survive an assassination attempt on your life at time when two forces are operating against you?, just to mention a few.


After encountering six miscarriages in his ten-year old marriage, the life of a multi-billionaire business magnate (Dan) comes crushing as his lovely supporting wife dies in a caesarean section that delivers a bouncy daughter.


Now, Angel whose love affair with Ben, her fiancé, can equal that of Romeo and Juliet is pressed upon to step into the shoes of her departed sister and marry Dan. This development pushes plans of Angel and Ben to marry in limbo as each had to keep up the obsessions of their common future on daily basis.


Brought up in a God-fearing home coupled with her love for the departed sister, Angel keeps distance from Ben for two years, albeit her ageing billionaire husband Dan never weans himself from the passage of the first wife, Angel’s sister.


Dan will for two years remain adamant to the sexual advances of Angel, forcing the latter to consistently relish the years she spent with Ben. Ben also forever keep waiting for the return of Angel until they finally meet at airport where the latter was seeing off his husband abroad on a business purposes.


Ben will then cancel his flight right away and propose to meet Angel later in the evening. Dan returns and later finds out about the seemingly‘re-union’ of the once lovebirds, and thus makes swift amends to maintain Angel as wife.


Ben too will go all out to claim what he believes is rightfully his. All these while, Ben is

placed under a spell by Mercy, another pretty lady disappointed with her rejection by Ben.


The end of the tussle is what becomes lethal as a friend of Dan is mistakenly killed in Dan’s car by unknown assassins believed to have hired by somebody. Meanwhile, to know the face behind the killing remains a mystery to unravel at the National Theatre with a GH¢20 ticket. A must-watch!.


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